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Sergio Muratori

Sergio Muratori
Rests, in the shadows of his mountains.
Acceglio, September 27 1925 - Montenidoli, October 19 2012.
A few words on his great, rich, and varied life:

The Poet
SergioSergioHe wrote his verses where they came, without worrying of their fate. His tales were always new, seasoned by his rich experience.
As a child his father used to call him "Know-it-all" because he was always thinking, always imagining, coming up with stories to tell his mates as they walked to the school in town.
"The marvel of life is being able to live it in a healthy body, with innocent thoughts."
"Precious is the time / of every life / unique moments / each the source / of experience". Sergio tenderly wove time.

The Partisan
SergioThe messanger between the partisans and his father, who ran the power stations, and thus they saved the three power stations of the Valle Maira.
The shrapnel from a bomb cost him his right eye and peppered his body, remaining with him for the rest of his life.
He remembers taking Franz, who wanted to meet some partisans, to the Locanda di San Michele, where there was a group of young men playing cards with their loaded guns at their sides.
"Viva l'Italia!" cried Franz, raising his glass..."Viva la Germania!"...replied the young men....

El Pastre D'Asej
SergioThe Pastor of Acceglio: The mountains were his and he knew the rocks, the lakes, the springs, the trails, and the most hidden passes.
He escorted those who needed to cross the border when times were hard, and was an outstanding guide for vacationers in times of peace.
He was the person to turn to for many, and never withheld attention or aid.
He held people sacred, and would rather suffer a tort in silence than raise tensions or argue.

The Teacher
SergioSergioHe wrote: "I have never been a teacher, but loved to discover the world with children."
At the age of 21, having finished the Magistrali school in Mondovì and being enrolled at the Università di Torino, he was called to teach in his valley.
Many of his students had to make due with elementary school, and he enriched their experiences with notions from the higher schools.
In Genova, at the Embriaco, his classes were for both the rich from Carignano and the poor from Via Madre di Dio, and they all became his friends for life.

The Patriarch
SergioSergio Muratori Without ever flaunting it, he was the pillar who gave new life to Montenidoli. He came to this land with Elisabetta and nine children in need of help, and, true poet that he was, immediately felt its magic.
With his love and his hard work he reawakened the abandoned fields, the vines, and the bramble-choked olives.
He chose to remain in the shadows, leaving to Elisabetta the task of bringing Montenidoli's wines to the world.
He was the great oak, giving warmth, strength and courage to all those who have worked, work, and will work for Montenidoli.

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