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San Gimignano from our lawn, and Elisabetta Fagiuoli

ELISABETTA FAGIUOLI is the living metaphor of her land, and she greets you, as the land welcomes you, with a smile that testifies to her joy in extending you hospitality. She shares with you her vision of the world, and impresses you with the same quiet strength that millennial culture of winemaking possesses. And you accept her for the elegance of her eloquence and gestures.

She knows how to be firm and tough, going against the stream and standing alone, but is never unpleasant, never violent, with the same demeanor as the timeworn towers of San Gimignano across the valley from her property, towers grafted miraculously to the slopes of the hills harmoniously planted in vines and olives... On Poggio di San Gimignano

LUIGI VERONELLI: I Vignaioli Storici , 1989



We all feel a strong need of unity and comprehension.
We want to break our solitude, opening to a wider vision of friendship and common feelings. Seeking for the same sensibility towards the concrete and mystical world of our human condition.  


"To go beyond borders" and be together: this is the aim of the Sergio the Patriarch Foundation. The "monster" of Newtown would have been released from his violence if only he could have reached a dialogue and found a friendship.  


- To host for one month, all the year round, groups of elderly people in need and troubled youths, for holidays and an exchange of views

- To organize week-long study meetings, all the year round, dedicated to matters of wine and  psychiatry that require investigation and analysis.  


- Two groups of houses in the woods overlooking the Chianti Classico hills in the heart of Tuscany for the old and the young

- A guest house with reception for seminars for students  


- The farm of Montenidoli, which will offer facilities thanks to the wine and olive oil from the vineyards and olive groves on its lands.

- Help is needed in order to rebuild the house for the youngsters and drill a well for water.

- Most important is an organization that will have the capacity to build  and spread a network around the world, organizing the people and letting the world know of the Foundation.  


In the heart of Tuscany: 500 acres on the hill overlooking San Gimignano and facing the Chianti Classico area.  


The great spirit of Sergio, who gave his life to teach difficult children and unsettled youngsters  


In 1404 the farm of Montenidoli was given to the Hospital of Santa Fina, in the town of San Gimignano, "for salvation"

In 2013 the farm of Montenidoli is given to humanity for meekness, dialog, friendship.

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